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Puberty- On My period When I go on holiday!

Hi Sam,

My name is C******* and I am 12 years old. This is quite an embarrassing subject but I really need help. I am going on holiday to Barbados with my cousin and my dad. I barley get to see either of them so I was very exited. My dad lives in Kazakhstan and my cousin lives in Portsmouth. I was so happy when I found out. Until this morning. I forgot I was due on my period this morning. It's always in a perfect schedule so it is due the day I leave for holiday and will last that whole week. My dad doesn't know I have started my period. I started my period when I was 10. I really am dreading the holiday now. I don't know what to do. I am used to wearing tampons but there is no toilets at the beach so I just could not change them. I'm to nervous about telling my dad. I really don't know what to do. It's going to ruin my Holiday now. I really need help. Is there any ways to shorten my period. Or even postpone or skip it?

Thank you so much,

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Hi there,

Having your period is a very natural part of being female and unfortunately this is going to happen at times when it feels really inconvenient. You are not alone with this frustration! It doesn’t have to ruin your holiday though. You can still enjoy your trip away.

I’m wondering if you could talk things through with the person who buys your sanitary products about what could make it easier for you on holiday. There are a range of different products available from chemists that may help you to feel more confident, particularly if you are wearing swimwear on the beach.

I can tell that you are concerned about changing tampons and you’ve done well to think this through in advance because the changing of a tampon is so important to prevent toxic shock syndrome. It’s rare but it’s best to be safe and change your tampon regularly.

I can hear that you are concerned there being no toilets on the beach but hopefully there should be toilets nearby that you can use – maybe in a shop or restaurant near the beach. There will likely also be waste bins on the beach so if there is no other choice, you could make sure you wrap your tampon well and put it in the bin. Maybe you can take tissue paper and plastic bags with you so you can do that.

You’ve asked about ways of shortening, postponing and skipping your period, and really this something to talk about with your doctor. The NHS website has some information but you could also talk to Brook online or on the phone if you can’t get to a doctor.

Being prepared and understanding that what is happening may feel inconvenient and annoying, but it could also give you the confidence to know how to deal with having a period on holidays if it does happen again. I hope that you enjoy your holiday and that this doesn’t interfere with what sounds like a great holiday and opportunity to spend time with family.

Take care,

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