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Picked on for being too skinny

I eat well for a 15 year old girl but i get called names and evryone picks on me because of my weight. My BMI says im underweight and i have really skinny legs. Everyone calls me anorexic and stick insect and it really upsets me, i dont know what i should do.    The comments people make really affect me and i dont know what i should do about my weight problem. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter. It sounds like you are having a tough time with people bullying you at the moment. It’s understandable that you are feeling upset by what bullies say about your weight and your appearance. I often hear from young people being bullied about how they look and it really is not acceptable. Being called names and being picked on in this way would affect most people, but it's concerning that this is starting to affect your confidence and self-esteem. Everyone is different, that’s what makes us unique. It’s really positive that you say you eat well as it’s really important that you are healthy.

You said that you don’t know what to do about your weight problem. I wonder if you would consider talking to your doctor or to a school nurse if you have one. They might be able to give you some helpful ideas or may reassure you that there isn’t a problem with your weight at all.

Perhaps you can think about someone in your life who you can talk to and let them know what has been happening and how it has been affecting you. Keeping a record, perhaps in a diary of all the hurtful things that are said to you will help you to show a trusted adult how often this happens and exactly what you are having to deal with. This could help them talk to you about what needs to happen and how this can stop. It would also be good to write down some of your positive qualities and try not to allow these bullying comments to affect how you feel about yourself. Focus on your individuality, your talents and strengths and the things that make you you!

There is a lot of information in Explore about Bullying. You might also like to have a looking at the ChildLine message boards to see what other young people are saying about being bullied. It might also help to have a look at Bullying UK. It has lots of useful information about bullying and what can help make it stop. There is information for young people, parents and carers, and teachers if this is happening to you in school. There are also some ideas about protecting yourself from bullying.

You are also very welcome to talk to a ChildLine counsellor about all of this by phoning 0800 1111 (calls are free) or by logging in to the website and emailing or having a 1-2-1 chat.

Take care,


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