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erm , im 12 and i havent started my period yet and all my friends have ? i have tons of emergency pads and im worried incase i never start ,
thanks for your time 
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Hi there

It’s good to hear from you. I can see that all your friends have started their periods and you’re worried because you are 12 and haven’t had a period yet.

It is perfectly natural to feel anxious when changes are happening to your friends and you may feel that you are being left behind or are different to your peers. I want you to know that each young person develops in their own time. Periods can start at any age between 9 and 16 and there are young women who sometimes have their first period outside that age range too. So it is perfectly ok if you have not started your periods yet. It sounds like you have got yourself well prepared for when you do start, by carrying pads with you. For more information, you could look at the “my body” section in Explore which includes information about puberty. It might also help to look at the message boards about puberty which include posts from young people sharing their personal experiences. Another couple of helpful sources of information are the Brook website and Like it is.

If you are particularly worried, you could always chat to an adult you trust. You could also speak to your school nurse, or your doctor. They will be used to answering questions about periods and might be able to help reassure you. You’d be very welcome talk to a Childline counsellor too. You can do this by ringing 0800 1111, logging in to 1-2-1 chat or sending an email.

I hope that this has helped.

Take care


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