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MY MUM  . She left me with my dad, she ran out the house and got into her car and left. She didnt take anytning with her. My dad is great i love him but a mother is a mother. i called her. she ansered. she said she is fine but she didnt tell me where she was. It was quiet there. My little brother was upset. My dad id upset. i am upset. she said she wasnt coming back now. i started crying on the phone, she got annoyed and said we fustrate her and we never let her do anythign. Its true, she never has any leisure time. Now my dad is stressing me out. i cant take it i want her back HELP ME.
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Hi there,

Thanks for sending me a letter. It sounds like things at home have changed massively over a very short period of time. I can hear that you’re left with a lot of unanswered questions about why this has happened.

It sounds like it was really upsetting when your mum told you she wasn’t coming back to see you. I imagine it’s more difficult at home now that your mum isn’t there and I can see that you, your little brother and dad are all upset about this.

I guess it’s almost impossible for us to say why your mum might have made the decision to leave in the way she did. What is important is for you to get some support with how it’s made you feel. From what you’ve said it sounds like you love both your mum and dad a lot but that you feel your dad can’t take on the role of your mum now she has gone.

Talking things through will always help somebody begin to understand how you are feeling. Whilst your dad might not be able to do exactly what your mum can do, it might be that he could try and listen to you and help in his own way. I can see it must feel strange just having one parent to go to at the moment but that shouldn’t leave you less supported. It is your dad’s job to look after you and help you through this during this time.

Unfortunately all relationships have problems and parents separating can be a very stressful time for not just them, but their children too. For more information you can check out the divorce and separation page in explore. This doesn't mean that your parents will split up or divorce or that your mum will not come back. It is difficult to understand your situation and the reasons why your mum has left - it may be that she feels she needs some time alone for a while. It also doesn't mean that she doesn't love you and care for you very much. The ChildLine counsellors will always be here if you want to talk about how things are going. You can call free on 0800 1111 or have a 1-2-1 chat online anytime.

If you wanted to hear about other young people’s experiences you can also take a look at the separation and divorce thread on the ChildLine message boards.

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