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To Sam

Maybe writing it down will help.

Hello Sam,

I’m writing this letter in hopes that if i just start to type about anything I will start to feel better. My emotions are so overwhelming and im just constantly upset and depressed and nothing makes it better like it used too.

I’ve tried the whole speaking to people about it thing and their supportive but only when i first tell them, I feel like if i mention it again im bothering them like a record on repeat. No one understands why I’m like this which I think makes it 100x worse because everyone thinks youre just being pathetic and I dont even understand why I’m like this so I dont know why i expect anyone else too.

My boyfriend is so good about everything but he just doesn’t understand why I’m always upset and he thinks it is to do with him especially as i have got progressively worse. I feel like I can’t continue to be how I am because it will end up breaking us up and he is the only thing that brings me happiness in my life at the moment and its hard because I’m trying so hard not to rely on him as much as i do but when everything else is just so bad what else am i supposed to do?

I’ve also tried the doctor but he just sat there and nodded his head then to find out he had contacted my mum (considering I am 18 years of age, it shouldnt of happened) just for her to tell me I am over reacting. Which is even more heart breaking because since then I distanced myself from everybody and ended up me having to leave my mums home due to her saying I literally never talk to anyone in the house.

Basically, im lost.

I have no reason to be as upset as I am. I am just constantly crying and depressed and if i’m not crying I dont feel a thing. Never had a panic attack until 2 months ago and now they just will not stop, anywhere at anytime, even waking up to them which has been the scariest one.

I just do not know why I am here. Feel like I lack purpose.

Ask Sam


Hi there,

It’s natural to feel lost, upset or overwhelmed at times and how you’re feeling can sometimes be connected to changes happening in your life.

It can be hard to express your feelings when you haven’t felt understood or listened to in the past, but holding things in can often make them feel worse over time. Finding healthy ways to express yourself, like writing in a diary or typing a letter, can help you manage your feelings before they become overwhelming.

There are lots of ways to express how you feel. You could do something creative, like drawing or writing a poem. You could try some physical exercise or use distractions like watching a funny film. Breathing exercises and relaxation can help too. Different things work for different people, so keep trying new ideas until you find what works for you.

It’s also important to get support when you’re going through a tough time. If friends and family don’t understand or don’t know how to help, you can talk to a Childline counsellor or your doctor.

Relying on one person might mean you feel isolated if things are difficult between you, and it can put pressure on your relationship.

It won’t happen overnight, but it’s good to plan for the future and build your support and social networks so you don’t have to depend on that person. Your network might include people in your wider family, like aunts or cousins, and your friends and their families. Try some new activities where you’ll meet other people, like joining a class, doing voluntary work or getting involved in the Childline online community.

When there are big changes in your life you might feel lost and sacred, and turning 18 can be confusing when people around you treat you as an adult one minute and a child the next.

Professionals, like your doctor, need your permission to speak to a family member unless you have previously signed your consent for them to share information with a named person.  You can talk to your doctor or the surgery practice manager if you think a mistake has been made, or you can contact your local patient advice and liaison services (PALS) for advice about what’s happened.

Remember, how you feel is important and your mood can improve with the right help and support.

Thank you for your letter.

Take care,


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