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I’m worried about group sessions for anxiety

Hi Sam, so I went to the doctors about 3 months ago about my anxiety, and I’m glad I did. They reffed my to a counsellor thing. They had a long waiting list but I was happy that I was getting help. Today my mum got a text saying that I’m now at the top of the waiting list and I can now go see them in GROUP SESSIONS! Group sessions! When my mum told me this is got a rush of panic. I don’t want to go into group sessions talking about my personal life with them. I though it was just me and a counsellor but no! I’m so anxious and I want to say that I don’t want to do that I just want be with the cousoller. I want to tell someone but I feel like they won’t let me do that and I’m just so worried. And I hope it’s a women because I feel a lot more comfortable talking to a women than a man. Thankyou

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Hi there

Talking in a group can be scary for anyone. Remember that no one should put you under pressure to say any more than you are comfortable with sharing. The group sessions are to support you with your anxiety, not to make things feel worse.

While you’re waiting for something important to happen it’s normal to build up ideas about what you think it will be like. When you feel uncertain, asking questions about what to expect can help you to feel more prepared.

Try making a list of the things you’re worried about and you or your mum can contact the organisation running the group session to ask for more information. If the things you’re worried about can’t be changed you could [](http://ask your GP)ask your GP about other available support. The group leader will be trained to support you and help you to feel at ease. Other young people in the group are likely to have experienced anxiety too and may have similar fears about the group. You may feel nervous to begin with but if you manage to join the group you might feel less alone when you meet other young people who have had similar experiences. You may find that this helps you to build confidence.

In the group it can help to share how your anxiety affects your life and what does and doesn’t work to help you to cope. Other group members may be able to give you tips and advice too. Try to get as much out of the sessions as possible by joining in and remember you can choose what you feel okay to share. You can keep your personal life as private as you want to.

There are lots of ways of learning to cope with feelings of anxiety. When you feel like you may panic you can take a few slow deep breaths to calm yourself so that you feel more at ease. It can help to practice this several times a day, even when you’re not feeling anxious.

Going to the doctors was the right thing to do and you can continue to talk about your feelings with trusted adults and to get support from one of our counsellors while you’re waiting for your sessions to start.

Take care and all the best with the group,


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