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I'm feeling unwanted!

Um hi.....
These past few months I've been feeling like no one even cares about me never mind how I feel. My friends are going off with their friends then I'm left alone. Sometimes I feel that I shouldn't say my opinion because know one cares about my opinion.
Love anonymous xxx
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Hi there,

Lots of young people have times in their life when they feel low or down. A part of that could be feeling like nobody cares about you or your feelings. Talking to someone about those feelings can be a helpful way of realising that you are cared for and that you have support. It could help to think about who you might trust to share these thoughts and feelings with. That could be someone you know who has cared about you in the past.

Sometimes it can feel hard to believe that people care about you if you struggle with self-confidence. It could make you feel less important than people around you or like your opinion doesn’t matter. It’s important to remember that everyone is equal which means your opinion is just as valuable as somebody else’s. You could try doing some things to improve your confidence. This could really help.

If your friends are doing something to make you feel bad about yourself or to isolate you, that might be a case of bullying which is not ok. Bullying is wrong and you have a right to feel safe at school. Your school have a responsibility to do something to help if they know that you are being bullied so talking to a teacher you trust might be helpful. It can take time to find the courage to tell someone about being bullied and that’s ok. You could try keeping a bullying diary, a book where you write down whenever you are bullied and how it makes you feel. You could show it to a teacher when you feel ready.

It’s natural for friendships to change. As young people move through school they grow in different ways and that might mean moving on to different friendships. It can take time to get used to those changes. But remember that it’s ok for things to change and it isn’t anyone’s fault.

Talking through your feelings can be a great way to let them out and to work out whether there is anything you can do to change things. The ChildLine counsellors are always there to listen and support you if you would like to try talking to them.

Take care,


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