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To Sam

i think im bulimic

i havnt really told anyone this im the only one who knows :/ ive seen posters about this site and thought id checkit out im 15 and my friends joke around about little things they say about my chubby cheeks and my curves but what they dont know is that it hurts soevery time i eat i feel badabout myself then make my self sick and end up just drinking water what do i do ?

i cant stop i know alot of people go through the same thing but i just want someone to talk who understands or goes through the same thing ?

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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter and being brave enough to share with me what is going on for you. From your letter it sounds like you might want to tell someone about what is going on for you that will understand and it is really good that you are thinking about what you need by having someone to talk to. It doesn’t say in your letter if you have any idea of who you could talk to but it might be worth thinking of adults that you trust that you could talk to about what is going on and get the support that you need, like a school nurse, teacher or parent/carer.

It might be useful to also take a look at which offers information and support to young people who are concerned about eating disorders. There is also some information you may find useful about Eating problems in Explore.

You say that your friends don’t know how much it hurts and make you feel bad about yourself when they joke around. What do you think it would be like to tell your friends about how they make you feel? Friends should be encouraging and supportive and I know that friends joke around, but when it starts to hurt you by what they say it becomes wrong. It sounds like your friends are unintentionally hurting you and if they don’t know might continue to say things.

You can always come on and have a chat with one of the ChildLine counsellors either on a 1-2-1 chat (similar to MSN) calling on 0800 1111 or sending an private email.

Take care,


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