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I keep over worrying

Hello, I need help because I keep over worrying. A couple of weeks ago my older cousion was rushed into hospitale because she had a diebetic attack. She was coverd in tubes and on life support machines and everything you can think of. Luckily she suvived but she is still in hostpital.

Ever since I get worryed if I have the slightist pain or don't feel very well and start thinking if theres somthing wrong. If you Know what I mean I get worryed about my worrying. It's stopping me from getting to sleep and working at school and having fun.
I'm only 10 so really I shouldn't be worrying any advice would be great. If I knew I could of done this any sooner I would.

thank you.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your letter. It sounds like you have been through a really rough time and it’s natural that you would be worried about your cousin too. I’m really glad to hear that she is getting better.

You mentioned that since your cousin went into hospital you have been worrying about your health a lot more than usual. It sounds like the last few weeks have been really hard for you and that you don’t like being so worried. I wonder if you have had the chance to speak with anyone about how you feel? A little bit of worry now and then is really natural, because it helps keep us safe and paying attention. However, if your worrying gets so much that it means you can’t do the things you used to do anymore, then that’s the time to ask for some help.

Almost everyone has worried about things at one time or another and by talking about it you can get things off your chest and you might learn some different ways to cope with your feelings. The most important thing is not to keep them bottled up inside.

When we worry it can become like a storm in our minds. You keep going round and around in circles and only end up thinking too much about things and finding problems where, maybe, there are none. The best way to deal with any kind of worry is to talk it over with someone you trust. This could be your mum or dad or another relative, or maybe a teacher or a school counsellor or maybe a youth worker for example.

There’s some useful information about anxiety in Explore, including some ways to distract yourself from worrying. Maybe you could try some of those ideas to take your mind off any pains or worries that are stuck in your head.

Talk to someone who can help – you can even talk to ChildLine about this if you want to you. You can call on 0800 1111 or have an online chat.

Take care,


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