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I have to spend time with a bully

Dear Sam

At home my mun introduced me to a bully and after that hes been bullying me ever since. The first time I went to his house I actually didn't really wanted to but I don't want to make him feel deppressed so I didn't say I don't want to go. When I got to his house there were two cats and when they saw me they started trying to scratch me, so I ignored them then i went to B’s room and he first pretended to be friendly but he wasn't. After I got to his room I was being hit and I told his dad but I got the blame and he even said i was trying to fight him, and at that time he started to call me names when we got back into his room. After 2 months I become like a servant to him, and he fought I was his best friend but I didn't want  to be his friend. Later his dad decides to help my mun and dad but he wasn't, he was chatting with the customers because I live in a small takeaway restuarnt. Every single friday to sunday he always forces me to let him come to mine, but I didn't wanted to. After I've got enough of this I had a argument with him and he started to try and break every single thing in my room and once he even said I  don't care if anything breaks! So Sam how would you deal with this please answer back?

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Hi there

When people behave like this and threaten to break our stuff, they’re not friends. This type of behaviour is bullying. People who bully use the power they have over other people to make them feel bigger and stronger. And it can make the other person feel small. But there are ways out of a situation like this, no matter how hopeless it seems.

Telling an adult you trust is a good way to make this behaviour stop. You should tell someone even if you haven't felt listened to in the past. By talking to someone you can get the help you deserve. Talking to your mum might be a good place to start. Everyone has the right to feel safe, especially in their own home. So it’s important that B understands that his behaviour is not acceptable.

Talking about B’s dad’s behaviour in the restaurant may help you explain your reasons for not wanting to be friends with him. There’s support from other young people on our message boards. And remember, our counsellors are always there to listen and support you with how you feel.

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