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I feel left out

this is nothing serious but i feel left out i had a new baby brother  and everyone in my family is not paying any attention to anything i say and my sister and big brother are moaning at me all the time i'm always in my room hiding away with my computer! and I have no friends at school. i've been looking at the thing you have said at it seems really good advise.

what should I do?

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Hi there,

Thank you for your letter.

I think you have done so well to write to me about how you are feeling at the moment.

You say that since your new baby brother arrived you’ve been feeling left out. It can be quite natural to have those sorts of feelings about a new baby arriving in the family because so many things change when a new brother or sister comes along.

You said that you feel that no one in your family is paying attention to anything you say and I can hear that you are feeling left out. It sounds like you are now spending lots of time on your own. It’s completely normal to want some attention from your family. When things at home change it can be difficult to find the right way to get attention, and to feel included in what goes on. Perhaps you could explore some ideas for ways of doing that with a ChildLine counsellor.

You might also like to consider looking at the threads about loneliness on the Message boards as there may be other young people who have experienced a similar situation to you and who could support you with how you are feeling.

You have also mentioned that you don’t have any friends at school. The Friends Message board is also a place you can get advice about how to cope and  make new friends.

Our page on Family relationships has got some useful information about coping with problems at home. You might also like to have a go at the Wall of Expression game. It is a good way of expressing some of the feelings that you have written about.

Thank you again for your letter. You might like to consider coming through and talking with a Childline counsellor using our 1-2-1 chat, or by calling us (for free) on 0800 1111. We can support you to think about some ways to let your family know how you are feeling at the moment.

Take care,


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