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I dont know what to do

Ive been getting really upset lately and i feel like i cant tell anyone about my feelings, but when i do its like they dont care. I just feel alone most of the time, not even my 'friends' that i am with at school are there for me its like they are pushing me away. I wish i just had someone i could talk to without having to be alone.
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Hi there,

Feeling upset and alone can be very difficult to cope with, especially if you have nobody to talk to. It can feel like nobody cares about the way that you feel but often, once someone you trust knows about it, they will want to help. Talking about those kinds of feelings can be a great way to offload them and start to cope better. If there is nobody in your life you feel able to talk to, the ChildLine counsellors will always be there for you. You can talk to them online or over the phone. You don’t have to be alone with these feelings.

It might be helpful to think about what was happening in your life when you started to feel upset. Finding a trigger to difficult feelings could help you to start working out how to change things. 

Being part of a group of friends can be difficult sometimes as everyone has different personalities. You could try and find someone in your group you can be honest with so you can both be there to support each other.

It’s natural for friendships to change over time. Sometimes you might drift apart from your friends or find new ones, and that’s okay. You might find it useful to have a look at our friendships page. You could also read our tips for making friends.

We have more advice about feeling lonely and upset - reading these pages could help give you more ideas on how to cope.

Take care,

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