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i dont know what to do

i have been feeling low lately but i thought it was just a phrase and il get better soon, but its been many months now and am still feeling low. i dont know what to do or who to tell. i get extremly low some days then other days it feels like i can do and avhieve anything i dont get it i dont get whats happening to my body, when i get really down i cut i do it because it relieves my stress and anger ive also thought about what it would be like not to be here anymore and would the world be better off without me. am scared and feel like no one understands me. i cant tell any one because i dont know what will happen and what they think off me. i dont like asking for help but i need your advice on what to do please?
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Thanks very much for your letter. From what you’ve said, it’s not easy for you to ask for support, so I’m really pleased you decided to get in touch.

You said you’ve been feeling low for the last few months, and it sounds like this has been really hard for you. I imagine the days when you find yourself thinking the world would be better off without you are particularly upsetting and scary. It also sounds really confusing to find yourself feeling so positive on some days.

It’s pretty common to feel very up and down at times, particularly when you’re in your teens. However, it might be that you need a bit of extra support if those feelings are so strong that they stop you from being able to get on with things. A lot of people worry about asking for help with their emotions, but your mental health is just as important as your physical health. You haven’t chosen to feel this way, and no-one should judge you for it.

The first step towards getting some support is telling someone about how you feel. You’ve done that already in your letter to me, and that’s a great start. I wonder what it would be like to show that letter to someone you trust, like a parent, grandparent, or teacher at school. Sometimes just talking everything through with someone can help you start to feel more positive. You might also want to think about going to a professional, like a school nurse or a doctor. You could ask them for advice about ways to lift your mood again.

There are some really great websites about mental health for children and young people. The information about depression and feeling sad in Explore is a good starting point. Young Minds have got some excellent information about getting help on their website.

You mentioned that you’ve been cutting yourself as a way of trying to relieve your stress and anger. I would always encourage you to try and keep yourself as safe as possible if you do self-harm. It would be great for you to have a look at the self harm pages in Explore for some more advice and information.

Finally, I just want to say that I am concerned to hear that sometimes things feel so hard that you have thoughts of not wanting to be here. It might be useful for you to read the pages about coping with thoughts of Suicide in Explore. I really believe that things will get better for you, and I don’t want you to kill yourself. It would be really great if you could speak to one of the ChildLine counsellors about what things are like to. You can call them free on 0800 1111, or you could log in for a 1-2-1 chat.

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