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i am worred

am gong on a school trip straght after half term and it is a adventure course and and really scared of heights and what otherr people think of me and i am worried and scared and a bit depressed but try to keep it to myself because i dont like people fussing over me because it makes me feel like a baby please help me!
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Thanks for your letter. Well done for deciding to tell someone how you’re feeling about your school trip. It also sounds like you’ve been managing to hide your worries in case anyone fusses over you.

Once you get on the trip, you might find out that other people in the group are also scared of heights or other activities you might take part in. There is no need to feel like “a baby” as lots people have fears about different things. This is really normal, no matter what age you are. I bet even some of your teachers will be nervous about some activities! These kinds of school adventure trips can be a good chance to help people understand their fears and to help them think about ways to conquer them, if they feel ready.

It’s important to remember that if you really don’t want to take part in one or some of the activities while you are away, you don’t have to do it. Nobody is ever allowed to force you into doing something that you really don’t want to do, what’s important is that you feel in control of the decision. Perhaps that’s something you could ask a parent or carer to talk to a teacher about before you go? Or you could talk directly to your teacher or write the teacher a letter, a bit like this one explaining how you feel - they might be able to reassure you.

It might also be an idea to think of some calming coping strategies for when you notice you are starting to feel particularly worried. You could have a look at the Anxiety page in Explore for some ideas.

You’ve told me that you’re feeling quite depressed at the moment because you’re holding all these worries. You are welcome to come and talk to a ChildLine counsellor anytime about what’s happening. You can do this by calling us (free even from a mobile) on 0800 1111.

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