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i am scared about the north Korea bomb attacks

Dear sam, i am really scared about the north korea attacks they said they were going to attack britian and every country which has people's families i dont want my family to get hurt. what should i do to keep myself safe if they do attack.

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It's totally natural to want your family to be safe and protected. We all hope that people we love and care about will not be hurt in any way. But sometimes watching the news makes it feel like there is always some kind of danger to worry about. Any kind of danger can start to feel very real if we hear about it a lot, even when it is very distant or unlikely to happen.

Threats of war or terrorist attacks can be very scary. But it is important to remember that it’s very unlikely that you will be directly involved in one. It can feel difficult to escape from worries about the world when people are talking about things like terrorism more and more.

It’s also good to remember  that the government does not think that North Korea can attack the UK and that the police are doing everything they can to protect you from any terrorist attacks.

Even after knowing all of this, it can be difficult to stop feeling anxious about what might happen and it is good to prepare yourself to know what to do, just in case. In something like a terrorist attack, the police are advising people to take these three steps to protect themselves – run, hide and tell.

1. Run. If it is safe to run away then that is always better than trying to confront. Don’t stop to get your belongings and don’t stop to video or take photos of what is happening.

2. Hide. If it is not safe to run then hide somewhere safe. Be as quiet as possible and turn your phone on to silent.

3. Tell. Phone the police on 999 as soon as it is safe for you to do so. Give information about where you are first, then give as much description of what you have seen as possible.

Getting a good balance between feeling prepared and reminding yourself that any risks are very small can help you to manage your thoughts and feelings. You can also protect yourself from upsetting information by switching social media off for a while after any tragedy or attack has happened.

If your worrying thoughts are hard to stop then try doing something you really enjoy. Listening to your favourite music, going for a walk or doing some exercise will all boost the feel good chemicals in your body. Sharing how scared you feel is a first step to feeling happier, safer and more in control. Try talking to parents and carers or teachers at school. You can also talk to one of our counsellors about your worries.

Take care and remember it’s always ok to get support for any worries you have.


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