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Dear Sam,

i have recently began my period and I have know idea how to do any thing. I feel embarrassed talking to my parents about it as I'm quite shy. I don't know who else to ask. I'm really confused. I also hate it when you have to buy sanitary towels and I always blush when I see people looking at me. thankyou

from a confused girl

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Hi there,

Starting your period is a big change to go through and it can be a really confusing time. Things are happening that haven’t happened before. It can leave you feeling really weird and gross, but actually it’s perfectly normal and isn’t wrong or dirty.

Periods may seem like an embarrassing thing to talk to anyone about. One thing to keep in mind is that nearly every adult woman you know has gone through this experience of beginning their periods. It’s not a negative or shameful thing that’s happening. It’s just the normal process of growing up. 

Millions of women buy sanitary towels and tampons, so it’s such a regular activity that people working in shops will be used to people buying them. They probably won’t think twice about it.  

If you have a mum or another older female relative, perhaps they could be who you talk to first. It might be easier writing a note or text message, saying you have a few questions about periods. That way you don’t have to start the conversation about periods face to face, and maybe the other person will come to you.

If you’d prefer to talk to someone outside of your family then there should be someone at school who you can ask. If there’s a teacher you trust or another staff member, such as a school nurse, they will probably be able to give you some help.

If you prefer to read about it yourself then we have some information on periods and puberty for girls that might answer some of your questions. Brook has good advice too. You can always talk to a counsellor or ask other young people on our message boards about periods too.

Take care,

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