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Hi, I have loads of worries, but I have no friends, or a trusted teacher. And it is no use with my parents because  my dad would go mad at my school and my mum would blame me and call me a f word idiot. She hates me going on childline because she thinks it is not serious enough, she does not know how it hurts inside.
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Hello there,

Thanks for getting in touch with me.

It sounds like you have got a load of stuff going on, and that things at school are not too good for you.

It can be really difficult to cope at school when you don’t have anybody you can talk to about stuff or any teachers that you trust. I can hear that you are not getting a lot of support at home either. This can make us feel isolated and alone and unsure about where we can get help from.

It is really good to hear that you are going on ChildLine for support. The counsellors there will listen to you and help support you.  I know mum says that is it not serious enough but anything that is causing you to hurt inside is very serious and you deserve to get some help and support. ChildLine is there for anyone who wants to talk about anything, and if it is important or serious for you then it will be the same for the counsellor.

You haven’t really given me any details about what is actually happening for you or how long you have been coping with it for. It is important for you to know that you do not have to go through this alone and that there is always someone to talk to. Maybe you could talk to one of the counsellors and tell them a bit more so that they can maybe explore some options with you and help you to understand what is going on more easily.

There is a lot of stuff about family, friends and problems with school under the Explore section of the ChildLine website, maybe you could take a look there to see if there is something that might help you. The message boards are also a useful place to read about what is going on for other young people and to get support from them or tell your story if you want.

Take care


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