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Hi Sam,

Ive had lots of weird emotions lately theyve affected me a lot its everywhere i go i cant do the things i love withought worrying or feeling sad.At school i want to cry a lot but i just cant because everyone comes over and they all ask whats wrong but i cant explain it very well.

I dont like to talk about it much because it sounds stupid .Ive also been having some weird and worrying thoughts like:why are you here ,theres no point, just go, you dont belong here your better gone.I have also been purposely hurting myself a bit this us quite a new thing. A while ago i wrote a letter about how I feel to my teacher (but not the through or hurting myself) but she didnt do anything its been about 4months now. I just want to scream and rip out my hair sometimes but i get no help and that just makes me feel more alone.

This all changed because today at school i found a girl who was experiencing the same thing apart from the thoughts she got help from the teacher by crying and that makes me upset because i dont think she knows how much it hurts.One minute i could feel happy and the next i could be crying . She also got help from CHAMS i dont really understand how chams works. Sometimes i kust start shaking and crying for no reason so i leave the classroom to go to the toilet alone witch is also horrible.

thanks for listening


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Hi there,

Feeling like you want to hurt yourself and worrying about lots of things can be difficult to manage on your own. It’s not always easy to explain what’s happening, especially when you’re upset and crying. But it can be a relief when you’ve opened up about your feelings so you’re not bottling things up anymore.

Your doctor can support you with self-harm and thoughts of suicide and they can refer you to other services like Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), if they think that would help you.

CAMHS is a service for young people which helps young people who are struggling with their mental health. Your first appointment with CAMHS is usually called an assessment and that means a worker you see will ask questions to get to know you better and decide how they can help. They’ll ask how long things have been difficult, what home and school are like and how you’re feeling - so that they can understand what things are like for you and what support you already have. Remember, you can ask questions about what support is available and you can tell them what type of help you think you need.

It’s always okay to ask for help when things feel overwhelming and you’re scared about the thoughts you’re having. You could tell an adult you trust like your parent, carer or a teacher that you want some support and let them know that you want to talk to them privately about how you’re feeling. If they don’t respond when you ask for help it’s important to tell someone else so that you get the help you need and deserve.

There can sometimes be a long wait to see CAMHS or other services so you’ll probably need support while you’re waiting. The people who usually support you can continue to and you can see your doctor or chat to a counsellor at Childline whenever you need. If you’re struggling to keep safe you can call NHS 111 for advice or get emergency help at your local A&E or by calling 999.

Knowing that other young people have got help and support for how they’re feeling can sometimes give you hope that things can get better for you as well. You can share your thoughts and get support from other young people on our message boards. Although other young people’s experiences won’t be exactly the same as yours, there will often be similarities between their feelings and your own that can help you to feel less alone.

I hope this advice has helped.

Take care,


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