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I think I'm gay

Hi sam i am a nearly 13 year old boy.

I think I may be gay as I have watched gay porn but I also watch straight porn and get eroused over both

but I know it is OK to be gay and straight but I really want to find out and I am getting a bit stressed npw

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Hi there,

Everyone has a sexual orientation and this is something that can change over time. There is no set age that people learn about their sexual feelings and it’s okay to not know how you feel yet.

You don’t have to feel rushed or pressured to give yourself a label. It’s important for you to remember that only one person can decide who you fancy and who you’re attracted to, and that’s you. It’s possible to find a lot of different things sexually attractive. It’s very normal to need time to work out your feelings and who you are.

Porn is meant for adults (those over the age of 18) and it doesn't show a realistic image of sex. It can show false or wrong ideas of what sex is like. You can always speak to Childline about this if you wanted to talk about it in private.

There are also some interesting topics of discussion about sexual orientation  on the message boards, a place where young people help each other.

Please remember that it may take some time for you to work out your sexual orientation, and it may help to talk to someone. That can be someone you trust, a friend or a family member and you can also talk to a counsellor.

Take care,

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