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Feeling sad during lockdown

Dear Sam, I was told I had severe anxiety in January, and I was starting to get better before the lockdown started. I feel that I have nothing to look forward to and find myself crying everyday. I have tried calling my friends but when we have nothing to talk about I feel that it weakens the friendship. I feel really lonely because both my parents are working at home and don't have time to talk to me. I am struggling to sleep and having nightmares every night. Please respond to this letter because I don't know what to do.

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Hi there,

Whilst we’re all staying at home during the Coronavirus pandemic it becomes extra important to look after our mental health. This might mean that you need to take extra steps to make sure you’re staying mentally healthy.

Having a routine can help a lot when you’re stuck in the house. You might feel tempted to start staying up late, skipping meals or not bother getting dressed – but these things can disrupt your mental health. One of the side effects of being at home all the time is that it can be difficult to tell one day from another, but having a routine can help with this.

Once you have a routine set in place, you can fill some of your free time with new things. This is a time when you might want to try learning a new skill or hobby. There’re plenty of things you can do at home that can be fun and keep yourself occupied. If you choose to learn a new hobby then there’re probably videos online that teach you how to do it. You’re still allowed to go outside for exercise once per day. Try to make sure you go for a walk, run or cycle every day.

Getting outside and exercising are really important for your mental health. Make sure you’re always following the latest guidelines about what you can do outside but when you’re outside remember to keep a safe distance from people you don’t live with . You can be outside as often as you like if you’ve a garden of your own.

I hope these tips have helped – whatever happens if you feel like your mental health is suffering then you should talk to someone. No matter what else is happening your health is still really important. If you feel like you want to talk to a Childline counsellor, they are  there for you.

Thanks for your letter.

Take care.


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