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feeling fear

some thing is really bothering me lately, i feel lack of confidence and a lot of pain in heart because i am stressed and on pressure. i really dont know what is it but i feel like i dont wamt to tell anybody. i started feeling this way about my personality and stressing of my GCSE exams, but since then it started growing and something really bad has been going in my mind.
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Hi there,

Stress, pressure and anxiety can affect people in many different ways. This can include an increase in your heart rate, dizziness, faster breathing, shaking, dry mouth, an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach and overthinking things. This can also lead to a panic attack.

You mentioned having a pain in your heart and this could be caused by the anxiety, stress and pressure making your heart work faster. But it is always a good idea to visit your doctor to get this checked out.

You also mentioned about feeling a lack of confidence and that you think this began around the time of your GCSE exams but it has continued to grow. Low confidence can mean that you put yourself down, feel shy and awkward around people and be uncomfortable speaking out. A lot of young people feel like this. Our tips about building confidence and self-esteem might help.

I’m concerned to hear you say that something really bad has been going on in your mind and although you don’t explain what that bad thing is, it feels like it might be good to talk about it with someone you trust and to get some help. And remember you can always talk to a counsellor who would listen and support you.

Bye for now,

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