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Feeling depressed and don't know what to do


sorry to to bother you about my problems but I have been feeling very depressed For a couple of months now. I have been to my school counsiler loads about depression and anxiety but everytime I go there I'm always told I will be fine, this is only because they have bigger problems than mine.

about a month ago I had a tromatic event happen, since then i been having flashbacks, they are really worrying me as they are interfering with my school life. I have also been feeling suicidal. even though I'm having the thoughts I would never concider taking my own life.

im also having lots of family problems and it's all just getting to me to much. As the counciler at school won't try and help me I really hope childline could try and help.

thank you

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Hi there,

People can react in lots of different ways to a difficult experience. When what’s happened has left you feeling depressed, traumatised or like you can’t cope it can be hard to know what to do. No matter how you’re feeling, there are ways to cope.

When you’re feeling depressed one of the hardest things can be the amount of time it can take before things start changing. It can help to try something small each and every day.

Letting feelings out by drawing or being creative, writing things down that you’re proud of or sharing things with other young people can help you to cope with your feelings. Remember that different things work for different people and it can take time to find what works for you.

Things like flashbacks can be a really scary experience but it’s important to remember that they do pass. Our page on getting through a tough time has lots of ideas of things you can do when you are struggling. It’s important to remember though when you should ask for help.

Whenever you’re feeling suicidal you don’t need to go through those feelings alone. In an emergency you should always phone 999, but if you are struggling with your feelings you can speak to a Childline counsellor.

Talking to a Childline counsellor can help when things like family problems are making things more difficult. They’ll help you let out what’s been happening without feeling pressured or judged. They’re there to talk to you about absolutely anything.

If you’re feeling like people in your life aren’t helping you, Childline is there for you and can support you to find other ways to get help.

Take care,


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