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Dyslexic and Lonely

Hi Sam

I started a new scool in september and I am dyslexic. I hav had a lot of help from teecher asistants at my old scool but now I feel alone. I hav some help from teecher asistants in my new scool now but I want too hide it because when peeple see me at break time and lunch time peeple gigle and jeer at me and they say I shuld hav stayed at my old scool and hav gone to nursry with all the litle kids and lernt how to spell properly. Its horible thogh because I am qite behind everybody else and until I was about seven my parents just thort I was mentaly ill/ I had a problem because I fownd it so hard too read and rite. I stil find it hard now and peeple dont wont to be my freind because they say that i will stop them lerning because i will hold them up because i can't read very wel or rite.
Im sory to bring this up but I feel so lonly.


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Hi there,

Dyslexia and other learning difficulties are something that a lot of people have. It doesn’t make you weird or stupid if you have it. You are no less intelligent than anyone else and you shouldn’t be made to feel different because of your learning disability.

Around 1 in 10 people have dyslexia in the UK so you’re definitely not alone. You’re probably not the only person in your school to have it. The way you’ve been treated is wrong and is bullying. Nobody should have to put up with that.

It sounds like people at your new school don’t understand dyslexia. It would be a good idea to talk to your teachers about what’s been happening. You could tell them the mean things people have been saying and ask them to help you. One idea could be that you ask the teachers to talk with people who giggle and jeer and explain what having dyslexia means. 

Making friends at any new school can be scary and difficult to do. The more people you meet the more likely you are to find people you can trust and rely on. Bullying can make us want to hide away, but try and talk to new people if you feel able to. The sooner they see the real you and not the image they’ve made up in their heads, the harder it will be to bully you.

I hope that helps, but do talk to a counsellor if you want to get more support for this. ChildLine is always here for you.

Take care,

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