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I guess i have suffered from depression for awhile now. about a year or more, it kind of started when some stuff happened at home and i just felt useless and worthless. Like i didn't deserve to be here. I think it's stupid for me to still be depressed as there's not a reason for it anymore but i can't stop it. I don't really know what to do i have like 1 friend left now and it just make me sad. I really want to try and help other people, they don't deserve to feel like this. No one does and thats what makes me quiestion this world. Like if god does exist then why woud he have theses mental ilnesses and more that make us feel this bad. Im not completely sure why i wrote this but if you reply to it i hope it helps other people. Because they do deserve to be here and not feel this way.
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Living with depression can be really hard. And if you have felt depressed for a long time it can be hard to feel like it will get better. Even if we can find a reason why we feel like this, it doesn’t make finding a solution easier.

It can be easy to blame ourselves for not feeling better, or that we’ve failed. But you’re not alone, and there are people out there to help. Perhaps there might be an adult you trust you could speak to at school or at home. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not a sign or weakness.

Helping other people is a great thing to do. And it can be a way to focus your energy on something you feel is positive. But it’s important that you feel emotionally ready to do this, and that you don’t ignore your own need for help.

Lots of people feel sad or depressed sometimes. And they can feel very alone when they’re having low moods and sad thoughts. One place where people can share these feeling safely and anonymously is the Childline message boards. It can be interesting to read other people's experiences and see that you’re not alone. It might also help you see that it’s possible to improve how we feel.

Remember that you can always speak to a counsellor. They can help you talk about the feelings that are hard to deal with and look at ways to not just cope with them but also to change them.

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