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This discussion is suitable for young people 16+ or those who have had experience of these issues already.


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hi Sam,

I'm 16 and my boyfriend broke up with me recently, I'm finding it hard to deal with, I've also been arguing with my parents a lot and they don't seem to understand me, on top of this I'm also going through exams and I continually feel stressed out!!

I started cutting yesterday, I used to cut all the time, but I stopped after a while and now I feel depressed again and I can't stop...I don't have anyone to talk to about it as I don't want people to know I cut again!

I'm just wondering what I could do to help myself feel better and to stop hurting myself?!

Ask Sam


H there,

When there's lot of things going on, it can feel like there's too much to be able to handle. But by taking some positive steps and by accessing the right support, the things that seemed difficult before can become a little easier to cope with.

Breaking up with someone can be really difficult, and it’s natural you might be finding it hard to stop thinking about him. It takes time to get over what's happened, but there are things you can do that might help.

Different things work for different people. Some people find spending time with friends or doing things they enjoy could help. Friends can be really important at times like this.

Lots of young people use self-harm as a way of coping with difficult feelings or experiences, but it can be very dangerous. It’s positive that you don’t want to cut again and there are ways of looking after yourself and self-harm coping techniques you can try. It might also help to think back to what helped you to stop self-harming in the past. Maybe you had ways which helped you to cope and maybe you could try these again.

If someone doesn't feel comfortable asking people around them for help, they might find it helpful to speak to a doctor. A doctor is not only there to support people with their physical health, but also their mental health too. There are tips on how to speak to your doctor to help.

You're not alone, you can always talk about your worries with a Childline counsellor. They can support you with managing your feelings or preparing to talk to someone. Doc Ready has good ways of preparing to talk to a doctor about your health too.

Take care,


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