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Coronavirus took away my last day of school

Hi Sam,

I'm a Year 11 student and the government just announced that school will be closed for futher notices and many are saying it might be closed till Summer term and this means us as in yr 11 students won't have prom or last day of school or even exams. it's all so cinfusing and im so panicky and i ahte this feeling. i dont want to leave to my school just like that being so clueless.

i dont want to leave my friends and teachers just like thats. its so not fair...

thank you for reading my letter.

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Hi there,

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of disruption, including to schools and colleges. For those doing GCSE exams and A-levels it can be especially stressful and it's sad for everyone who might not get to finish the school year as they normally would.

Uncertainty about exams and what's going to happen can bring a lot of anxiety at a time when many students are already stressed. Exams are something you may have been working towards all year, so when they don't happen it can be a big let-down. Being unsure about what is going to happen next is also really hard as you might not know what you'll be doing in September if you were supposed to go to college or university. You might feel concerned about your future. There are plans to use predicted grades instead of sitting exams this year, but people may have mixed feelings about this. It's okay to talk to your school if you need more information or to see what your options are.

It can be sad to say goodbye to teachers and friends at school when the summer comes - especially if you’re leaving to go somewhere else. Everything has happened so suddenly that you might not have had the chance to say goodbye to people yet. Things will change at some point and people will be able to meet up again. One idea might be to write to your head teacher and ask them what their plans are and whether there could be a prom or leavers party when it's safer to do so.

Some people may have to stay in school, such as if your parent has a necessary job like a doctor, nurse or public services. You may also have to stay in school if your parents are vulnerable. Going to school when most people aren't might be very difficult for you as well and it's okay to talk about how you feel to your teachers and people at home. Childline have advice about how to ask an adult for help.

In the meantime, Childline are here for you - if you need support there are ways to get in touch with us. You can also use our message boards for support from other young people.

Take care,


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