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Coronavirus outbreak

Hi Sam, I'm not sure if this is really silly or not, but I'm really worried about the Coronavirus outbreak and I can't help feeling like it's the end of the world and I feel very scared about it. Please can you give some advice and reassurance? Thanks.

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Hi there,

Coronavirus is a new virus that people have been catching across the world, including in the UK. Although the news talks a lot about people dying, it's important to remember that almost everyone who has had the virus has fully recovered.

If something is on the news all the time it can make something feel a lot scarier than it is. I've had a lot of letters from young people about coronavirus who’ve told me they're worried about avoiding it, or scared that it might spread.

If you're feeling like that, there are some simple things you can do to cope and stay safe:

  • You can wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds and try not to touch your face with dirty hands.
  • If someone you know is not feeling well, make sure someone is there to look after them but give them some space to get better.

You might find that you don't get to see your friends as much for a while, which can be hard. Try to think of things you can do without meeting up. Maybe there are some games you can play together online, or you could watch a film together while on the phone or messaging each other.

The news can be difficult to hear when there are constant updates - and sometimes it's hard to know which news to trust. Try to make sure you only read news sources you trust that have a good reputation, like Newsround.

Childline has a new page with lots of information about coronavirus and things you can do to stay safe. You could also try some of the tips on their Worries about the world page to help cope with the news updates and the uncertainty you’re feeling.

If you are worried about the virus, try asking an adult you trust or talking to Childline. You can also reach out to other young people on the message boards to get ideas about how to cope and to share things that have worked for you.

Thanks for your letter, take care,


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