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Can i legally rid of my Social Worker?

Today, i have come to the realisation of not wanting a Social Worker. They are involved as i have experience with abyse from my father. Not only that, there are a few complications with my Mental Health. And, a future diagnosis has been arranged - if there is one.

I am not currently marled in at school, and i haven't been for the last few months. My Head Of School and Year believes it is not healthy for my well-being to attend. Many teachers have witnessed what i am like, so they also have a viewpoint. This particular Social Worker has been ignoring my statement, as i have briefly explained my irrational emotions and feelings at school. She believes i should go back, as i apparently have been worser at home. Yet, i have only spoke to her for an hour. My teachers have explained to her and she STILL believes it is best. I suffer PTSD from the abusive situation and i am currently under therapudic sessions. Well, I'm on the waiting list for it.

Can i legally rid of my Social Worker?

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Hi there,

Social workers are there to help. But because you might only see them when things aren't going well, it can sometimes be difficult to form a relationship with them. Any person who works with the public can either be good or bad at what they do. There are good and bad teachers, good and bad bus drivers and good and bad social workers. If you feel like your social worker isn't working out for you, then you might be able to put in a complaint.

The local authority has a duty to make sure you have a safe place to live and that you’re given all the opportunities you need to be healthy and happy. This means that if they think things aren’t okay at home, they have to get involved - even if you don't want them to. A social worker should always listen to what you think and feel. But they might sometimes decide things you don't agree with because they feel it’s what’s best for you.

Sometimes a social worker might not be doing what they’re supposed to - or they’re doing things you don't think are right. You should first try to talk to them and explain how you feel. Giving them a chance to explain why they’re making their decisions is important as they may help you to understand your situation better. If after talking to them you don't feel like they’re doing what's best for you, then you can complain about it.

You have a right to make a complaint to the local authority - you can do this in person, on the phone or in by writing an email or letter. If it's about something specific your social worker has done, it usually has to be within a year of it happening to make that complaint - unless it's something illegal. You shouldn't let this stop you talking about what's happened thought, no matter how long ago it was. Coram's LawStuff website talks about how to make a complaint if you're unhappy with your social care.

If you don't feel able to make a complaint on your own then you might be able to get help and advice from the National Youth Advocacy Service. You can talk to them about your situation for free. Childline counsellors are here to support you as well - they’re there to listen to you anytime.

Thanks for sharing, take care.


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