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Calling childline twice


i recently called childline for the first time and it was great and i felt safe to talk but because i was nervous at first i think i didnt give enough detail and didnt talk enough about my problems. there was more things i wanted to say so i was wondering is okay to call again in a short space of time.

also im nervous about the posiblity of the same cousnlor aswering because it would make me feel slightly nervous and embaressed (i dont know why but thats how i feel)

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Hi there,

Lots of people call Childline a few times before they feel ready to move on. There is no right number of calls or chats to have - it's whatever you feel you need. Sometimes though, people forget that there are lots of ways Childline can help, so it's good to try those things too.

There are lots of Childline counsellors so the chance of getting the same counsellor twice is quite low, though it does happen from time to time. Even if the counsellor does recognise you, they won't judge you for calling back - if you need support they'll be glad to hear from you again. If you’ve just had a call or chat, it can be good to take a short break before contacting Childline again. This means you can take some time to think about what was said in the call you just had, and how you’re feeling afterwards. If there isn't any time between calls then it's quite likely you'll talk about the same things again, which might not be that helpful for you.

Many problems do take a few calls or chats before you feel ready to move on. It's normal for people to get in touch a number of times over days, weeks or even months. You can use Childline as often as you like, for as long as you need.

One thing to think about though is that perhaps there might be other places you can go to for advice, instead of having to queue for a counsellor each time. There are lots of other ways Childline can help. My page has lots of letters from all sorts of people about a whole range of things - it's quite likely there’s a letter matching your problem, or some advice that might be helpful to you. We also have message boards where you can talk with other young people who might be struggling with similar things, and get support. Beyond that, there is lots of advice and information about all kinds of different issues on the Childline website, with links and resources that might be useful.

I hope this has helped you and that you feel able to get the right support from Childline as often as you want and in whichever way you need it.

Take care.


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