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Best friend moving away

ima a boy in yr 6 and i heard my friend whos a girl might be moving at the end of yr 7 which made me really upset she is moving an hour or so away the good thing is we can stil stay in touch.
ive gotta a year and a bit
she might not move we have been best friends for a few weeks
my over friends are not very good.
she asked me to move with her (which was a good idea since ive been living in my house 8 years)
help me sam
give me good advice on what too do
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Hi there,

Thanks for writing in to tell me what is going on for you and your friend.

It is good to hear that even though your friend might move you have talked about ways that you can stay in touch. I can see that being unsure about whether your friend will move or not is making you feel anxious. It sounds like your friendship is really important to you both.

I understand that you want advice on what to do, but it seems like some things might be out of your control. What you can do though is work out ways that you and your friend can stay in touch. From what you have said, it seems like you have already started talking about that. If you have mobile phones you could text each other to say "hi". You can also message each other online or even send letters through the post. 

Your friend asking you to move with her shows me how much you mean to her – but the adults at home would be the people who make that decision. It could be a good idea to talk to an adult about your friend moving and how you are feeling. This could give you some support for what’s going on.

You may also want to plan things you can do together, so that you can both enjoy the next year and half. You could talk to your parents about the possibility of meeting up or visiting when you both have free time - but this would depend upon your parents agreeing to this.

In your message you mention other friends but said that they are not very good. Even though you can't replace your friend it could be worth building other friendships with people who you can get on with or who have similar interests to you. Having people around you that you can trust will help you to cope if your friend moves away.

It might be worth having a look at our page about Friendships and also seeing what other young people are saying on the message boards. You could post on there too if you wanted some more support.

If you wanted to talk more about what is going on for you then you can always talk to one of our counsellors either on a 1-2-1 chat, by calling for free on 0800 1111 or by sending an email. There’s always someone there for you and we would like to help you.

Take care,

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