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about a year ago i recovered from anorexia. i was so happy then it was unbelievable. i thought that i would never have a problem like that ever again! but now... ive started to hate how i look. ive started secondary school and with my age ive started to get curves. everyone else in my class is stick thin and... im starting to feel like i might be on the brim of anorexia. i constently feel fat but im 12 and weigh 5 and a half stone. please help!
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Hi there,

Thank you for telling me about the problem you’d like help with. You recovered from anorexia about one year ago and felt so happy it was behind you. But now, with the start of secondary school and changes to your body, your thoughts again are focusing on how fat you look and how thin other girls look. We can't control many of the things and changes that happen to our body. I can see that you really knew that you had achieved something when you recovered from anorexia a year ago. 

You were right to be proud. Being able to recognise early on the similar thoughts and feelings you have shows me that you recognise possible signs. Writing this letter to me also shows me that you have the courage to ask for help and support. It might help you to think back to some of the things you did in the past to help yourself and maybe to talk again to some of the people who helped and supported you.

It’s important you realise that you've not failed. All recoveries have ups and downs and it’s good you’ve recognised you’re slipping back towards anorexic thoughts. There’s an inspiring post on our message boards called Is my anorexia returning?!:’(. One young person talks about her fear of anorexia returning. Another young person responds with good advice on how to deal with the anorexic thoughts that are so self-critical. I’m hoping you can take a look at that. There are many threads on our message boards on eating problems and you may find other ones that help you feel a bit less alone with this problem.

I hope you can think about talking to one of our counsellors about what’s happening, either by phone or online. Perhaps together, you and a counsellor can see if there’s anyone you can turn to for support, such as a doctor or family member who might have helped you before with this. Childline is a place where you’ll never be judged and all of our counsellors understand the huge impact anorexia can have on a young person’s life.

I’m sure you know there is information on our website on eating problems - but have a read if you haven't already, I hope it's useful.

Take care,


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