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Am I depressed?

I am finally glad that there is someone for me to talk to! Recently, I have been feeling very sad. Nothing extremely bad has happened, like someone dying for example, but I just feel like I don't really belong here. I sometimes think to myself ," What is the point?" I barely leave my house, have trouble fitting in at school, and feel like I'm pointless. I don't do much in my spare time and I have to force myself to get up. Do something other than sit here and stare at my laptop screen. I feel like I have to be motivated a lot to be active.

Does this mean I am depressed, or is it just normal for a child like myself?

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Hi there,

Lots of people go through changes, from things in their family, school or social life to changes in their body during puberty, but this doesn’t mean that depression is something that they have to put up with. There’s help available to anybody who’s feeling low and you have the right to ask for support with it. It might help to take a look at this video about depression to see whether the things it talks about are things you might be feeling.

The thoughts and feelings you’ve been having sound as though they’re really difficult to cope with and I can hear that they’re making you wonder whether you’re depressed. Only a qualified doctor can say for sure whether or not you’re depressed. I’d always recommend going to see your GP (doctor), school nurse or another healthcare professional if you think that you might be, because they can offer you special medical advice and let you know what sort of support is available to help.

I’m concerned to hear that you’re feeling as though you’re pointless. That sounds like a difficult thing to think about yourself and it could be a good idea to try and build your confidence and self-esteem. Take things slowly and try to think about how you’d treat yourself if you were a friend. Sometimes we can be kinder to other people than we are to ourselves and it can help to remember that we deserve to give ourselves the same kindness that we give to other people. And you might find that keeping healthy and active can help you feel better about yourself.

You mentioned that you struggle to fit in at school. If you’re feeling alone and finding school life difficult, it can be useful to let a member of staff know that so that they can support you with what’s happening.

Some people have times in their life when they question what life is all about and this is part of understanding the world around you and deciding more about what you believe. If the thoughts and feelings become overpowering and stop you from doing things that are important to you, it could mean that you’re depressed. Sometimes people who are depressed feel worried about letting others know how they’re feeling, but it can really help to talk about things.

Perhaps you could have a think about which people in your life you trust and when you feel ready, tell one of them a bit about it. If you don’t want to tell anyone you know, remember that you can talk to a counsellor any time. They’ll always be there to listen.

Take care,

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