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Hi Sam, I wanted to write to you about anger. At home I can get into trouble for something small(It sometimes stops h...

My favourite musician has died

Hi Sam. I’m 13 and recently one of my favourite music artists has died and I really am struggling to deal with it. I ...

Peer Pressure

Hi Sam, Recently my friends have been trying to get me to do things I'm uncomfortable with such as smoking weed, vapi...

Afraid and scared of war

hi sam, im really scared of war. all i see nowadays is headlines about the rising world tensions and it feels like i ...

Feeling left out

I have low confidence and my friends are outgoing people. Sometimes I feel left out because they are all laughing and...

Message from Sam

At this time of year exams start to be on people’s minds. I know how stressful they can be, so I’d be interested in hearing about how you are affected by schoolwork and exams.

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Underage Drinking

Basically there has been a few friends in my class that have secretly been drinking alcohol, we have only just gone i...

My friends take drugs

My friends have all been smoking weed for about 3 years now but recently their habit is becoming a lot worse and it i...

My mum smokes

So basically my mum smokes witch is very common . But I am 12 and don't want her to keep coming near me with her ciga...

Family and drugs

Hi, im 15 so my problem is my dad and step mum. For a bout a year now iv smoked cannabis everyday at least a grams da...


I've smoked near enough a year and this is all that seems to help me when I get angry and upset. It calms me down. I...

Drugs Advise ?

Ok, so I have taken almost every drug out there(both legal and illegal) and I smoke and drink a lot. I want advise on...


Iam 14 and I drink ALOT like every weekend but I drink like a whole bottle of vodka and 2 lambrinis and I down the al...


My friend and i used to be best friends and go everywhere together! she was really nice and my best friend. But then ...