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Wanting a cigarette

So basically, I'm a 15yr old girl and recently within the past 2 weeks or so I've had thoughts about/cravings for a cigarette but I've never smoked or done anything of the liking before and everytime I'm with someone that's smoking I'm kinda liking the smell in the air and on them. My parents never smoked and I don't live around anybody that does. I was wondering if you knew anything of this phenomenon and what to do about it.
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Hi there,

People start smoking for all different reasons, wanting to fit in with friends or because they are curious about it and wanting to see what it’s like. It is a big decision to make - once someone starts smoking it can be very hard to stop.

The feelings of experimenting with the unknown can be exciting and this may be what you find interesting. You talk about liking the smell in the air and on people but this is very different to what it’s actually like to smoke. Sometimes we can get caught up with what we think something is like rather than what it actually is. 

Once you start smoking regularly, it can be really hard to stop as the chemicals in cigarettes are addictive. Smoking is bad for your health in lots of different ways, not to mention expensive, so I’d always suggest staying away from smoking in the first place. You could get some support and advice from other young people on our message boards.

I can't make the decision of whether or not you smoke - this has to be your choice. If you want to avoid the temptation of smoking it could help if you stayed away from people while they are smoking.

To help you make your decision you may find NHS Choices helpful. Finding out the health risks surrounding smoking will give you enough information to make an informed choice.

Take care,

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