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Veganism making me uncomfortable about what i eat

So Ive been hearing about the planet and global warming, and how a lot more people are going vegan, which i suppose is good, but i cant stop feeling guilty and uncomfortable when i eat meat

A few of my friends are vegetarian, and i feel like theres a lot of pressure on me. Im stress eating as well so it would be hard for me to change my diet. I feel like im letting the planet down and its a horrible feeling. Is there a way to stop feeling like this ?

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Hi there,

What you choose to eat is your choice and it's not something you need to feel guilty about. We all need to eat and have diets that are unique. As humans we can eat both meat and vegetarian diets. Some people find it difficult to just eat vegetarian and most people's diet is a mixture of both. There’s no right or wrong, it's a decision everyone has to make for themselves and shouldn't be based on peer pressure.

Climate change is important and there are things we can learn about the impact that farming has on the climate. There’ll always be more that we can do to reduce the impact we have on the planet but you need to balance this with what’s best for your physical and mental health. A good place to start from is to think about what you can and can't realistically do. Try making a list so it’s easier for you to decide.

Changing your diet could have too much of an impact on your own mental health, especially if you struggle with an eating problem. Accepting that this is how you are and that it’s okay is a good first step. There are other things you can do to help the environment. Perhaps you can cut down on using plastic or look after the local wildlife by clearing up litter. There may be charities in your area that are looking for volunteers to help fight climate change.

Try not to feel guilty about what you eat - everyone needs food and what that food is will change over time. Some people learn to enjoy vegetable-based food as they grow older - some people learn to like meat more, and that's okay. You can't choose how you feel about food, so you should be kind to yourself and eat what you feel most comfortable with.

Remember you can talk about this more with a Childline counsellor.

I hope this has helped, thanks for your letter.

Take care,


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