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Telling your best friend you like them

so basically im 16 years old and i have a best friend who is the same age as me. she is bi curious and she says she is adimant she is bisexual but she says she cannot be sure as she has a boyfriend however the other day she split with her boyfriend. so i am thinking whether to tell her how i feel about her because i think i really like her but i have not ccome out to anyone abut me being bi curious/bi but im pretty sure i am bi. i mean i have written out a letter ready to send to her as if i was to tell her i like her and wouldnt want it to ruin our friendhsip but i dont know what to do because she is now single and it would be my chance to tell her howevr i wouldnt want things to be awkward between us as she is my best friend. plus im not seeing her for 3 weeks until my birthday party because her and i both go on holiday so if i was to tell her it would give us bith time to think things through before seeing eachother again. what do i do?
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Hi there,

It’s completely normal to find your own feelings confusing, especially if you're attracted to a friend. Some young people feel unsure about whether they’re attracted to boys or girls. These feelings around sexuality can change over time.

It sounds like you've already thought about when would be a good time to tell your friend. It may be helpful to have a think about how you think you'll feel while she is away if you don’t say anything about this to her. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to come out to everyone at the same time, if you felt ready to tell friends but not sure about speaking to your family, you can talk to your friends without telling your parents.

Sometimes thinking about things without talking to anyone can be stressful. So if there’s anyone else you trust it could be a good idea to talk to them about this. Writing a letter is a good way to let out those thoughts and also think about what you would like to say to someone, so I’m pleased to hear that you’ve already done that.

I can’t say what the right thing for you to do is, as I have no way of knowing how things will work out, but it’s important to do what feels most comfortable for you. Talking to a ChildLine counsellor can help, or you can find out what other young people might do in your situation.

Take care,

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