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When will I start puberty?

Hi, I'm 13 years old. My Dad has told me he only hit puberty when he was 15. I have looked online to see when I will hit puberty but I'm not getting the answer I want. The hairs on my arms are getting really long and I have thin hairs in my "neather" regions and above my lip but none under my armpits. Some websites say it's from 9-14 years old. I don't want to be the last person in my school
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Hi there,

Puberty is very different for everyone and some changes happen quicker than others, and at different times to your friends. It can be hard to talk about the changes you’re going through. And it can feel embarrassing, but puberty is something everyone goes through.

It can be hard if it feels like those around you are changing and you’re not. But it’s important to give your body time and it will develop in its own way. There is no strict age that puberty starts, so it is completely normal not to have started by 13. People start puberty at different ages.

Remember that everyone at school will be going through puberty at different stages and although it’s normal to want to compare yourself to others, it’s often not very helpful. Some people might start early but go slowly through puberty so they finish later – while others may start late but develop very quickly. It’s likely that many others are thinking similar things to you about their own bodies.

If there are still a lot of questions on your mind, it might be an idea to talk to an adult you trust, like dad or a teacher.

You might also like to have a look at the message boards, where other young people talk about going through similar issues. You could even share what things are like for you. And don't forget our counsellors are always here to listen to you too.

Thank you for your letter.

Take care,

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