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hey, i’m a boarder so my parents obviously cant come to the doctors with me and cant get my prescription medication. i‘m 15 and i want to start some medication, its not invasive or anything like that. Am i allowed to go and get my stuff and also go to the doctors. And i also dont really want my parents knowing every time i go to the doctors.

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Hi there,

Whether you're at boarding school or at home you have the right to get free, confidential medical help from the NHS. Part of this includes being able to get medication that a doctor’s said you need. This means you should be able to pick up your prescriptions and they should be free, depending on your age and circumstances.

A lot of people assume you have to be 18 to speak to a doctor without your parents’ permission, but this isn’t true. Once you’re 16 you can make all of your own medical decisions, without your parents. If you’re under 16 you can still do this, but the doctor needs to be confident that you understand the decisions you have to make.

If you had a medical problem you want to keep between you and your doctor, explain to them that you’re worried about confidentiality. They should be able to help you through getting diagnosed and treated without you having to tell anyone else. They should be happy to explain how it works and how you can still get treatment, as long as they’re confident you understand that treatment.

Prescriptions are free on the NHS if you’re under 16, so you wouldn't have to pay for any prescription medication. They’re also free if you’re 16-18 but still in full-time education. This means you should be able to go to the doctor, get diagnosed, take your prescription to the chemist and get treatment on your own without any costs.

If you’re ever unsure you can talk to us about it and we’ll try and help you get the support you need. I hope this has answered your question and you can find more information on Doc Ready and our page about seeing your doctor.

Thanks for your letter.

Take care,


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