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Hi sam,

So GCSE exams have finally finished and im now on holliday, but what I thought would be weeks of freedom from the stress of school, it got extremely difficult after the first week.

Since the end of christmas 2013-2014 I started seeing myself much more critically and  I developed an eatting disorder which still effects me today, I stopped going out and have huge anxiety about everything. So this time of year is horrid for me, as going out in my swimming costume and shorts and feeling confident is impossible for me. instead I just feel stupid and I am constantly telling myself that I look disgusting. What worse is I am constantly comparing myself to my friends and to those around me so I spend less time socialising with others.

Because of all this I have been left in my room for the last 2 weeks doing absolutely nothing and having more time to think about how much I dislike myself and although I do excersize almost every day, I feel lazy and fat because Ive run out of things to do. As well as everyday i feel more depressed and gloomy from the lack of anything. I was only wondering if you could come up with some resolution to my situation, maybe something to do when I feel down. Sorry for being vague, I am just getting worse by the day as Im spending my only long holiday very upset all the time and I have very limited access to help, as my parents and most friends are at work or school.

I would really appricate a response but I do recognise that there are other letters that need attention. Many thanks.

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Hi there

I can hear how low you’re feeling about having so much time over the summer holidays. While it can seem really exciting to have so much time in between terms, for some people it can feel really lonely and boring. The lack of routine can sometimes mean we isolate ourselves or don’t take care of ourselves in the way we should, for example not eating balanced meals, sleeping a lot more than usual or at different times.

It can feel really hard to find the motivation to go out and do things we enjoy when you have low confidence or worry about how you look. It might help to find an activity you can do with other people. This can improve your motivation, build your confidence and help you to build new skills. It can feel difficult at first, but often trying something new can improve lots of areas of our lives, including how we feel about ourselves.

There are a few opportunities to find new activities depending on what you are interested in. Most local libraries have a notice board of activities happening in the local area. If you like sports, it might be also good to check out what’s happening at your local leisure centre and community centre. You could also check out our message boards to see what other people enjoy doing..

Another option might be to do some paid or voluntary work. At 16 it is possible for you to have a part time job but depending on your circumstances, you may prefer to try voluntary work instead. Volunteering can also build on important skills that you can use on your CV or can help you in job interviews.

When you’re feeling low, it can help to talk your feelings through with a ChildLine counsellor. You can also get support on the message boards where you can talk to or read about other young people who may be experiencing something similar. This is not something you have to go through alone.

Take care,

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