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My breasts :(

For a 13 year old girl my boobs are bigger than most girls my age, I have a double D cup size and I recently got into year and and I’m actually sick to my stomach with the amount of boys from year 9 and above that look at my boobs in the corridors and talk to each other about it or approach me about having sex - it makes me really uncomfortable and scared because I feel like I can’t go anywhere in school without boys saying things about me. I want to tell teachers but I’m so embarrassed about it and scared of them because they are all older than me and I’m scared of them.

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Hi there,

During puberty lots of changes happen to your body and a girls breasts will usually start to grow. You might have large or small breasts and if they grow early on in puberty your breasts might be bigger than other girls your age. Your body is unique and people shouldn’t comment on it. If they do it can be a type of bullying or harassment.

Someone staring at your breasts can make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed and no one should draw attention to any part of your body by what they say or do. Making comments, whispering, laughing, pointing and staring are all ways that someone might bully you. If you feel safe to say something, you can ask them to stop. But its best to walk away and tell a teacher if you feel threatened or intimidated.

You don’t have to put up with people making sexual remarks even if they say that it’s just a bit of fun or they didn’t mean any harm by it. Unwanted sexual attention or being approached in a sexual way that you’ve not agreed to is harassment and it’s okay to tell someone what’s happening to get support for it to stop.

If you report bullying or harassment at school it should always be taken seriously and your school should take action to protect you. It should be clear to all pupils that bullying and harassment are wrong and won’t be accepted. If the bullying or harassment continues you can report it as many times as you need to and you can ask what is being done to make it stop.

Remember, no one should make you feel scared or unhappy and you have the right to be treated with respect. There’s always support from counsellors at Childline and you can ask for advice and support from other young people on the Childline message boards.

I hope this advice has helped.

Take care


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