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My boyfriend's foreskin doesn't retract

Hi Sam, my boyfriend and I are currently in a happy and healthy relationship. He is 15. We haven't had sex but we have done other things and i am concerned about his penis. I'm aware that foreskin should be retractable and come away from the head. My boyfriend's foreskin does not move from the head. I have expressed my concern to him only to find out that he is worried as well. We have had a long conversation about this issue as we both believe communication is vital to our relationship. What should he do?

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Hi there,

If you ever notice anything about your body that's concerning you, it’s important to get checked by a doctor. A medical professional will know what things to look out for and can offer support if your boyfriend needs it. Your boyfriend can see a doctor by himself, confidentially, and ask to see a male doctor if he’d prefer.

​What you're describing is called Phimosis. This is when the foreskin does not roll back from the head of the penis. It's not uncommon and may not cause a problem when your boyfriend does choose to have sex. It's only an issue if it's uncomfortable for your boyfriend or if there are symptoms such as swelling and redness. Brook have some good information about it that you can both take a look at.

​It can be embarrassing to talk about our bodies. But it’s important to remember that doctors are used to supporting people for all kinds of problems. Your boyfriend can also talk to a local sexual health clinic if he'd prefer. Brook support young people who have concerns about anything to do with their sexual health. You can find a local service that works for you.

It’s great that you're supporting your boyfriend and you both feel comfortable being open with one another, especially about things that worry you. Getting support from people we trust is always important.

If you have any more questions you can always talk to a Childline counsellor, they won’t judge what you have to say.

Take care.


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