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Dear Sam,I feel I have to wear make up to school because everyone else is but we are only in year 6 please help I dont know what to do.#pressure
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Hi there,

It can be really hard feeling under pressure to do what others are doing, when you don’t really want to. But remember, you don’t have to wear make up if you don’t want to.

Sometimes people may try to force you into something, and other times you might feel you have to do something to fit in. Whatever the situation, your body is your own. So if wearing make-up isn’t something you want to do then you shouldn’t feel you have to.

Some people wear make up because they like it and enjoy it. Others wear it because they want to fit in. And some people wear it because they don’t feel happy about the way they look. It might feel as though putting on make up is like putting on a mask to hide or change how you look, but you don’t need to feel that way. Building confidence in the way you look is the first step towards feeling good about yourself - whether you’re wearing make up or not.

It’s important to think about what feels right for you. If you try to change to please other people, it can be hard to be happy about yourself. Friends should like you for who you are and respect your decisions.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell people how you feel, so it can help to practise what you might like to say. ChildLine Counsellors can always be there for you to talk it through with on 0800 1111 or by using 1-2-1 chat.

Take care,

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