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I'm sick of being short for my age

Hi sam. I'm glad I have this chance to pore out my image problem out to you. I'm fourteen years old and I hardly look like it because of how short I am. A lot of the younger kids at school are taller than me and it really p***** me off. When I tell people that I'm in Year Nine they find it hard to believe it. They mistake me for a Year Seven or a Year Eight and I hate it when they react like that. People don't get this issue by saying that it is good to look young for your age when I was actually saying that I don't like being SHORT for my age. Others tell me that I wouldn't like to be tall but they don't understand thay I just want to be tall enough for my AGE. Even some Year Six and Year Five students are either the same height or taller than me. I'm doing certain physical exercises to get taller but it isn't working. I know that the shortness of my height is mostly caused by genes. I SO wish there was no such thing as genes. They make you look the way you don't want to look. I can't go to Year 10 as a little titch. Everyone seems to be increasing their height apart from me :'(
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Most people have things they would like to change about themselves and it can be difficult when you feel something makes you different to other people your age. You might find that this changes as you get older but it’s really good that you’re talking about how it makes you feel and asking for support.

It sounds frustrating that people haven’t really understood how you feel about being shorter than others for your age. Perhaps people on the ChildLine message boards might understand you better as there may be others who feel the same as you. You can also take a look at our page about body image.

You mentioned in your message that you’re doing exercises. I’m not sure if this is something you’ve been advised to do but I'd encourage you to talk to your doctor, PE teacher or a school nurse about anything like that, to make sure you’re doing that safely.

Often it can be easier to focus on the things we’d like to change and forget to recognise the things we like or feel proud of – the things that make us who we are. Maybe you could take some time to think about what you do like, whether that’s things you feel have been passed on to you through your genes or things that are more personal to you like your achievements or aspects of your personality. It can be easier to notice these things in other people, so maybe you could ask your friends or family members to help you if you’re finding it difficult.

Remember, you’re unique and your height is just one of the many things that make you who you are.

If you need to talk about this more, feel free to get in touch with a ChildLine counsellor. You can call on 0800 1111, send an email or log on for a 1-2-1 chat.

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