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i think im bisexual

i think im bisexual....

i think im in love wth my bestfriend whos a girl

and shes bisexual.

and we kiss all the time.

i know alot off bisexuals, (who say i must be bi when i try to explain my feelings with her)

and i also love this boy (my ex boyfriend) and we kiss and stuff too. the girl knows this and says this dosnt matter but i defiently know i have feelings for the boy.

and i also know i like kissing this girl, and being with her.

but im undecided  wether its because i want to be her or i want to be with her. or wether i just have a fasanation with girls and dont really fancy them, and im unsure what  to do :/ or wether im truly bisexual or straight

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Hello there,

Thanks for contacting me to talk about this. It sounds like you are feeling really confused about your sexuality at the moment. Lots of young people contact me about this. You haven’t actually said how old you are but young people begin to discover their sexuality at different ages. Remember that there is nothing wrong with how you’re feeling right now and there is no right or wrong answer to what your sexuality is.

You have said that you are unsure whether it is just this girl and maybe you just have a general fascination for girls but don’t really fancy them. That sounds like part of growing up and generally exploring your sexuality. You said that you’re unsure what to do. I want you to know that it’s OK not to be sure about your sexuality - there are no rules to say you have to pick a particular label to describe who you are attracted to.

It sounds like being involved with two different people at the same time is making things more confusing for you. I also wonder what it’s like for the other two to have to share your attention, although I can hear you say that the girl doesn’t mind.

You might find it useful to take a look at the ChildLine message boards as this is where young people can share their experience and advice and you might find it useful to see what others have found helps them. Also, please remember that ChildLine would really like to support you with this and you are welcome to contact us at  any time using the 1-2-1 chat service (like msn), ChildLine email or by phone 0800 1111.

Young Stonewall, LGBT Youth Scotland and Gay and Lesbian Youth Northern Ireland are all sites for young people that have lots of useful information about sexuality.

Take care,


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