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I don't want to start😣

hi Sam, I am going to high school soon and im abit worried incase I start my period on a school day-what if im in the middle of a class and I need to go the toilet and when I go I start bleeding and I have to get back to class😣I'm afraid it will start soon as i am starting year 7��😩😩😩😩��, if I do start who do I tell???

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Hi there,

When we experience something new, it can be hard to know what it'll be like and what to expect. Going through puberty is something everyone goes through, and for girls this will include starting your periods

You'll probably notice some changes to your body which will tell you that that your periods are about to start within the next few weeks or months. It can be easy to imagine that when you start your period, you will lose some blood. Usually you'll just notice a small amount of blood when you go to the toilet.

Periods usually start off very light and can gradually get heavier after a number of hours. Some people will notice some signs before they start to bleed too, you may notice stomach pains or cramps first. This gives you plenty of time to get the right protection. You'll find that there are different products available to help you manage your period.

You may also find it helpful to note the date you have your periods, after some time, you might start to notice a pattern to when you get your periods so you can know when to expect them which can help you to plan for them.

Some young people find it helps to talk to a trusted adult about what protection you’d like to use. When you have decided what might be right for you it can help to carry this with you somewhere safe in your bag so that if you do start your period when you're not at home you have something with you.

If you did ever find that you needed something when you were at school, a teacher should be able to help you if you felt comfortable talking to them. Some people find it embarrassing to talk about periods, but it’s a natural part of growing up that all women go through.

If you'd like to talk to a counsellor about what it’s been like to start your new school or your worries about puberty, they'll be there to support you. Don't forget you can always call 0800 1111, send an email or talk to a counsellor via our 1-2-1 chat. Remember you don't have to cope with things on your own.

Take care


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