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I just can't bare it anymore, i recently came out to two of my best friends, they have accepted me the way i am but the school i go to is in a highly islamic populated area; i am muslim myself and the fact that so many people are getting assumptions about me being gay frightens me, if the poeple at my school find out then i don't know if they will ever talk to me, i also can't go to my parents for help because they are both really pious parents and if they knew i was homosexual they would be very angry, i would go so far as by saying they would chuck me out of the house. i just don't know what to do, i am so confused. please help me?
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Hi there,

Thank you for your letter to me. I can hear that you’re going through a really difficult and confusing time right now. I can hear how scared you’re feeling about your parents and the school community reactions if they found out about your sexuality

Although people are free to have their own opinion on sexuality, it does not make some of their actions right. It would not be okay for anyone to threaten you, chuck you out of your home or to make you feel bad about being yourself. I can really sense that you feel frightened of others reactions and it’s important to know that if you ever feel in danger, you can call the police on 999 and they will help you. If you were ever to find yourself thrown out of your home, please contact a ChildLine counsellor to get some help on 0800 1111. Calls are free and you can call from a phone box if you don't have access to a mobile.   

Historically, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people have often experienced obstacles and difficulties around the way they’ve been treated and being accepted for their sexuality. As a result, lots of support groups have been set up to help people going through these types of difficulties. The LGBT community has a large network of support for lots of people going through similar things to what you’ve described. These support groups can give you advice and support on keeping safe and any options available for you. Who you tell about your sexuality is your decision. You do not have to tell anyone that you don’t trust or feel comfortable with, even if they are your family.

One of the largest LGBT support groups in the UK is Young Stonewall who also have a section especially for young people. Another website that you may find useful is called The Site. The Site has a section on Sexuality and also on Sexuality and religion which you may find particularly helpful. There is also a LGBT Muslim support group called Imann which provides a safe space for you talk about your sexuality and your religion.  

Remember you can always talk to ChildLine counsellor at any time. Lots of young people are going through problems as a result of other people’s reactions to their sexuality so perhaps talking to them on the sexuality message board will help you too.    

Take care,


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