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Going to sleep

I can not get to slep i am always on my tabat at night or on the websit i dont know i cant get to slep pleys can you tell me why ๐Ÿ˜”

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Hi there,

Not being able to sleep can feel frustrating. A regular lack of sleep can have a negative effect on many aspects of your life such as school work, levels of energy, emotions and motivation. Many young people have told me that they use their tablet or phone to go on websites to pass the time when everyone else is asleep.

One thing that might help you understand why you canโ€™t sleep is that the light from tablets, smart phones and computers is like daylight. It tells your brain it's daytime, making it stay active like it would during the day. So when you're on your tablet before trying to sleep, it's much harder to fall asleep.

Maybe you could try staying off your tablet for the hour before you go to bed. Then when you do go to bed, try listening to music or reading a book for a while before turning out the light. And it can be helpful to deactivate alerts from apps or websites that can come at any time.

You could also try things that that don't involve using your tablet or mobile phone. Have a look at our message boards on sleep to get you started with ideas from other young people. You might like to share some ideas of your own too.

Perhaps during the day you could look at our information on sleep that'll give you more tips and advice and you can always talk to a Childline counsellor who can offer you help and support.

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