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Hair colour

I desperately want to dye my hair black but does anyone have the power to stop me, if they do, who is it? And why would they stop me?
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Hi there,

I think it’s a really good question whether someone has the power to stop you from dying your hair. On the one hand it is your hair and you have a right to express yourself, so in a perfect world I would say that nobody has the power to stop you. In reality there may be people who don’t agree with you dying your hair. This could be the people you live with or your school.

If you’re still depending on your parents/carers for things like money then they might be able to do something to stop you, like stopping you from getting hold of the dye. You would also have to think about if your school has any rules about dying your hair. The school may not have the power to stop you, but they do have the power to suspend you if you break any rules about uniforms or hair colour.

So in some ways you do have the power to go ahead and dye your hair – as you get older more and more things become your decision to make – but decisions you make may have consequences and you should think about that too.

Before dying your hair, it would be a good idea to research dyes so that you get the colour that you want. It will also help to find out the process and potential side effects from dying your hair, for example the risk of an allergic reaction. Dying your hair can sometimes require regular commitment to keep the colour and can be costly so it would be important to think about this too. 

If you wanted to talk this through some more you can come through and talk with one of our counsellors who would be happy to support you. You can call on 0800 1111, send an email or log on for a 1-2-1 chat.

Take care

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