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Girlfriend I have never met.

So I have been talking to this girl online for a while now, she knows i am transgender and is completely fine with it. we have exchanged pictures and talk on a daily basic. she doesn't live too far from me and we often say that we are going to meet up.
What’s your opinion?
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Hi there,

It’s really important to make sure you're safe if you are thinking about meeting up with someone who you've met online. You should make sure an adult in your life knows. They can help you to stay safe and make the right choices.

Lots of people find it easier to get to know someone online. Talking to someone online can sometimes feel like less pressure and it might be easier to be more open about who you are. However, it can also work the opposite way and people might not be who they say they are at all. Remember that even online pictures are not a guarantee, as they could be pictures of someone else.

Even when someone is not trying to lie to you, they might only show the more positive side of who they are when talking online. Sometimes the reality may not match their online personality.

If you are going to meet up in person then it would be important to make sure there is an adult who knows who this person is and where you are going to be. Maybe both of you could have an adult come with you for a first meeting. It's always a good idea to stay in a public place if you're meeting someone you've met online. It might also help to keep a mobile phone on you that is charged and has credit in case you need to contact someone if things do not go well.

It's also important that you never do something that you don't feel comfortable with or ready for. This is true no matter how you met - whether it was in person or online.

If you would like to talk it through with someone a bit more before you decide what to do, then you can always speak with a ChildLine counsellor by calling 0800 1111 (all calls are free and do not show up on the bill) or by using the 1-2-1 chat.

Our online safety pages and also have some more information about some things to think about to keep yourself safe.

Take care,


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