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I have been worrying about my weight a lot I just started to care this year, at school I usually don't eat anything at break or lunch all my friends keep telling me to eat so I lie and say I already have or I have no money to buy food, when I get home I eat a lot tho and I always feel guilty I rely Want to loose weight, I sometimes do sit-ups but I think I should do more, most girls in my year are rely skinny and in PE we r doing zumba and we are made to watch ourselves in the mirror and I just look and I hate the was my whole body is, my shoulders are broad my thighs and the top of my arms are rely fat and I have Erin chubby cheeks, I hate it and I need to lose weight.
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Hi there,

As you go through puberty lots of people begin to feel quite self-conscious about their weight and their appearance. It can be a difficult and confusing time.

Peer pressure can affect how we feel about ourselves and we can find ourselves comparing how we look to other people. These are the times to remember that everybody is an individual and it’s a good thing that we are all so different. There is no right or wrong way to look.

The most important thing to be is healthy and this means having the right balance between food and exercise. Our bodies need the right level of nutrition to stay healthy so that we can enjoy each day. Making the decision to lose weight is something that needs to be discussed with a doctor because they will know what a healthy weight is based on age, height and whether we are male or female.

When people around us are showing concern about how much or how little we’re eating, it can be sign that they care and are feeling worried. Everybody needs support in their lives, and sometimes we need that little more. It’s always ok to get support so that things can feel happier.

Feeling self-conscious and lacking in confidence can make you feel quite miserable about how you look. And sometimes this means you look for quick ways to lose weight or change the way you look. But this doesn’t solve the problem.

There are lots of ways to increase confidence and self-esteem and it’s about finding what works for you. The first step is to be kind to yourself and see the good in you rather than telling yourself that you need to be different or change in some way. It is always ok to be the person you are.

If you need further help and support,you can always talk to one of our counsellors who can help you explore these feelings.

Take care,

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